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Breakout Zone Design Importance

At least 8 hours a day are spent in the office working hard and keeping our eyes glued to our computer screens. Symptoms such as sore eyes, headaches and tiredness come from the constant strain from blue light which comes from our computer, tv or phone.

Taking a break away from the desk is important to keep you healthy and to ensure you’re having a rest and not over working. Stepping away from your desk and into a different area will reset the mind and give you the opportunity to relax. So, don’t be tempted to work through your lunch and breaks, as it won’t necessarily be a benefit.

The breakout zone at your place of work needs to provide seating areas and a sense of relaxation for social breaks to sit and catch up with colleagues or simply to have some peace and quiet. Social interaction can help boost morale and mood, making the afternoon feel that little bit easier.

When designing a breakout area seeking advice and suggestions from employees could really bring together the sense of community. The seating arrangement, types of seat and colours will set the scene for each person’s break and bring the team and departments together.

Single seating around a table works well for eating and sitting with others to bond. Singular seating booths provide a more private area to take a breather, read a book or take a break of reflection to get you ready for the rest of the day.

In addition to specific seating, using screening can divide and separate each area making it easier to split the sections. Your office screen choice can be tailored to match with your seating fabrics to combine and continue your office theme.

With acrylic, laminate, or acoustic screen finishes the options are readily available to be mix and matched to create a bespoke dividing system. Most screens can be linked together in order to create custom pods or booths.

Extra touches can be added to the breakout zones too such as telephone pods, made with acoustic panels to keep your conversation private, even in a busy area.


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