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Tradeshow Etiquette For Booth Staff

When 1st impressions count, it’s only right that you’re able to provide a great experience for each stand guest at your next tradeshow. Meeting and greeting guests comes with great responsibility to ensure you create a warm welcome and the right setting to build rapport.

Being the face of an organisation requires understanding of the event and business and the wanting to do well to grow the business. We’ve listed 5 tips to keep your booth staff in great form.

Designated Role

On the day of the event, it’s a good idea to provide a clear plan for each individual. By setting a plan, each staff member will have a designated role and a goal in which they are working toward.

Setting a goal gives a push of encouragement and helps with productivity throughout the event.

Body Language

Possessing the right body language does the speaking when you’re not able to. Your stand staff need to be friendly, happy and approachable in order to partake in conversations with potential clients. Body language taps in heavily to first impressions and could be the difference between a busy or deserted stand space.

Highly Trained

Placing highly trained and knowledgeable staff at your stand is the best decision you can make. With the main goal being to meet, educate and gain new business, it’s imperative that the business and services can be explained to a high standard.

Also factor in the ability to answer questions and providing confidence in the brand.

No food Rule

Seeing people eating and drinking at an exhibition isn’t a professional view and can make it difficult to approach. Make it clear that bottled water can be kept on the stand, but lunch and break times can be spent in the canteen.

Dress Code

Dressing smart not only looks good but makes you feel good too! A business dress code should be applied to all events, as you never know who you’ll meet and the possible gains to be made.

Pairing all of the tips together with a smart business outfit, it’s safe to say you’ll be ticking all the boxes with tradeshow etiquette.


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